Singles Subscription

Singles Subscription

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Keep a steady stream of delicious, seasonal and diverse single origin landing in your mailbox. This is the ultimate way to enjoy coffee at home while learning about different coffee varieties and origins. You'll also be tracking the coffee harvest as it moves from one country to the next throughout the year, drinking only the freshest grown beans. 


Our Quantity Guide:
250g per person/fortnight (1 cup per day)
(For espresso drinkers, you might need a little more.)

Please note:

• Your first order will be processed 2-3 working days AFTER you order, then you will be placed into the fortnightly cycle.
• All subscriptions are dispatched on a Wednesday, and you will be billed on the Monday before.
• A coffee subscription may only be cancelled after three deliveries. 
•You may skip an order or pause your subscription at anytime.