ORIGAMI Aroma Coffee Server

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Each ORIGAMI Coffee Server was crafted in Mino, Japan a city well-known for it’s ceramic craftsmanship for over 400 years.

The makers of ORIGAMI designed it to be used with the ORIGAMI Dripper, the coffee filters into the server with it's unique shape that traps the aroma of the coffee inside.

The large opening perfectly fits the ORIGAMI Dripper and makes it easy to clean. The spout makes for a smooth pour and does not drip easily. It can also be used with an aeropress or to serve any coffee.

Enjoy your special moments shared over coffee. 

  • Dimensions: 145 x 77 x 90H (400ml)
  • Material Porcelain
  • Heat resistant temperature difference 120 ℃
  • Suitable for use in microwave / oven / dishwasher
  • Made in Japan