Hobnob Blend

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Tasting Notes: Dried Fruits, Sugar Plum and Chocolate Caramel.

Colombia, Popayan Reserve - Washed
Indonesia, Java - Wet Hulled


Just like the word itself it’s a blend of 2 very different personalities.
A straight and simple Colombian regional popayan that’s the very base
of this blend’s existence which is rich and full of caramel notes on the
aftertaste. It’s a straight shooter. You get what you wish for a damn
sweet cup of flat white but then comes the superstar of the blend from
the mountains of Java Indonesia wet hull that adds up things to the
blend like no other origin. Takes the body and texture of the blend to
a whole new level of dried figs, and whatnot when they come together
with a blend of great balance and harmony. Great blend with amazing
mouthfeel and texture with mad sweetness. A slightly more developed
profile then our Higgs Field blend but yet not Dark. Great as an espresso
but even better as a white. 


Dose: 19-23 gm dosing accordingly to your basket size
Yield: 36-44 gm out using 1:2 brew ratio
TDS: 10.5-11%
Extraction: 19-21% (preference)