Higgs Field Blend

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Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Berries and Macadamia.

The blend consists of three origins:

Colombia - washed
Ethiopia - natural
Brazil - natural


Our Higgs Field blend was purposefully crafted to make a smooth and easy to drink milk based coffee. It is a medium espresso style roast providing satisfaction whether you drink milk and espresso coffees in the morning. It is made with beans from three origins, equal parts Colombian with a lot of body and tasting notes of caramel like sweetness and Brazilian with a lot of fatty macadamia nut like texture and tasting notes of milk chocolate. It all comes together with our Ethiopian Natural G1, the banger who adds all sorts of red fruit characteristics. When our Higgs Field blend is extracted properly (see our guide on website) it’s like a glass of strawberry and chocolate milkshake, a favourite blend and a must try.




Dose: 18-22 gm dosing accordingly to your basket size
Yield: 36-44 gm out using 1:2 brew ratio
TDS: 9.8-10.5%
Extraction: 19-21% (preference)