Gift Blend Subscription

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The perfect coffee subscription to gift to a loved one this Christmas!

This Gift Blend Subscription is a one-off payment that covers three months worth of subscription (six fortnightly drops of 250g coffee total). Simply pick out for the recipient their favourite blend and preferred grind size, and fill out the gift note to give the gift of a coffee subscription.

Blends to choose from:

Higgs Field Blend

Launched in 2016 during the early days of STITCH COFFEE, Higgs Field is a seasonal blend crafted with equal parts Colombian, Brazilian & Ethiopian cultivars. A medium roast development tones down the bright berry-like acidity while enhancing the milk chocolate sweetness & deepens the macadamia-like richness & texture. 

Hobnob Blend

Just like the word itself, it’s a blend of 2 very different personalities. A humble Colombian regional Popayán is at the base of this blend, which is rich and full of caramel notes on the aftertaste. Then the Okapa PNG washed beans adds to the blend like no other origin. Expect dried figs and sugar plum that come together in a blend of outstanding balance and harmony. A blend with amazing mouthfeel and texture, with mad sweetness. Tastes great espresso and even better with milk.

Black Field Blend

This blend of Brazil natural beans and PNG washed beans brings to you layers of dark berry character, dark chocolate strength and a dense buttery texture with a lot of sweet stuff. Encouraged to drink black or white.

 Dark Field Blend

Our Dark Field blend has been tailored for a strong start to the day, inspired from the classic Italian espresso diaries. This blend embodies the dense, deep and dark characters of coffee. Expect tasting notes of dark chocolate, toasted almond, and caramel. It provides a rich, sweet and strong coffee experience. Encouraged to drink black or white.