Specialty Coffee Concentrate - Black Field Blend

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- About The Concentrate -

Dare to be bold and experience the next evolution in espresso with Specialty Coffee Concentrate. Crafted from Black Field Blend, this premium concentrate is nearly twice as strong as a typical Stitch Coffee espresso shot and sports a full-bodied natural coffee taste.* 

Clean of added sugars and dodgy preservatives, just one capful (approx. 12ml) can create a whole host of recipes: cold brews, long blacks, hot filter-like coffees and iced lattes are mere minutes away. Remove the fuss of a pour-over set-up and the expense of pod machines with our 250ml Specialty Coffee Concentrate. Each bottle packs in 20 serves, each akin to a barista-made espresso shot!


A concentrate that’s so convenient and consistent that it can never be ‘used’ wrong. Just one shot (12ml) makes the perfect base for coffees, cocktails, and cookbook recipes alike. To measure 12ml, fill the small inner section of the lid to the top. Keep refrigerated once opened and use within 30 days.

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water & Arabica coffee beans.

*Based on Brix readings. The Specialty Coffee Concentrate has a Brix measurement of 20.96⚬Bx compared to our average Stitch Coffee blend Brix reading of 11.76⚬Bx.