Colombia, Finca El Paraíso 92 (Geisha)

Colombia, Finca El Paraíso 92 (Geisha)

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Taking freshness to the next level, we decided to go one step further and developed our most sustainable packaging yet. We are putting the best high end coffees in this next level packaging.

Our special launch gift to you: each can comes with a reusable silicone lid*. 

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit, Watermelon & Floral

Country: Colombia
Region: Piendamo, Cauca
Variety: Geisha
Process: Thermo Shock
Altitude: 1750 MASL
Producers: Wilton Benitez


Wilton and his two brothers own and operate Granja Paraíso 92 in Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia. With a background in chemical engineering, Wilton is the brains behind the coffee processing and experimentation, and his brothers each attend to the farm and the development of bespoke machinery used in their facility.

A mixture of 95% ripe cherries and 5% semi-ripe cherries undergo a process called Thermo Shock, which develops a distinct flavour profile and aroma during fermentation.

First, Wilton ferments the cherries in anaerobic bioreactors for 52 hours, using a yeast microorganism called safAle BE-134 (commonly used in the fermentation of beer). Next, Wilton completes a hot (40 Degrees C), then cold (12 Degrees C) washed immersion of the cherries, followed by a 48 hour controlled drying.

All Stitch Coffee Cans are 100% recyclable (label inclusive).


Brew Ratio: 1:2.8
Dose: 22g
Beverage Mass: 62g
Contact Time: 28-32 seconds
Temperature: 95°C

Brew Ratio: 1:17
Dose: 15g
Water: 255g
Temperature: 97-100°c
Bloom: 30g (40 seconds)
Pours: 2 (including bloom): 30g, 225g
Pour Time: 1:30
Draw Time: 2:30