How to Brew: Origami Dripper Filter

How to Brew: Origami Dripper Filter

By Stitch Coffee

How to Brew: Origami Dripper Filter

Light, delicate, complex: the Origami Dripper is our favourite way to brew at Stitch, and it is the best way to highlight a coffee's properties. Here is the method we use. For some very special coffees, the ratio of coffee and water might be different - consult the product page for your coffee to check. Though ratios can change, the method we use is always consistent.

Serves: 1-2
Coffee: 15g
Water: 255g
Temperature: 97-100° C

1. Fill your kettle with filtered water and bring it to 97-100° C.  

If brewing below boiling and your kettle doesn't have a programmable temperature function, bring it to a boil and then let it sit for around 45-60 seconds.

2. Pre-wet your filter paper.  

Place your paper filter into your Origami Dripper. Rinse it with hot water to remove any nasty paper flavours and to pre-heat the cone.

3. Place on scales.  

Put your Origami onto your cup or server and place them on your scales.  

4. Add coffee and tare.  

Add your ground coffee into your filter paper. Your coffee should have a consistency slightly coarser than sand. Lightly shake filter cone to level coffee bed. Tare scales to zero.

5. Start timer and bloom.  

Start a timer and pour in 30g of water in a circular motion to saturate all grounds. If you don't manage to wet all grounds, gently stir with a spoon to saturate the whole coffee bed. Wait 40 seconds.

6. Pour in a slow, circular motion.  

After the bloom, pour the remaining 225g of water in a slow circular motion. In and out, then back in again. Repeat until all the water has been added. Finish pouring at 1:30 brew time.

7. Tap your Origami Dripper.  

Wait until the water line is low enough to be safe, and then gently raise and tap down your Origami Dripper. We do this to level the coffee bed and prevent channelling.

8. Wait for the draw-down!  

Now it is time to wait for the water to drain through the coffee bed completely. We want this process to finish around 2:30 brew time for optimum extraction.

9. Swirl and serve!  

The work is done, and it's time to enjoy our delicious coffee. Before drinking, give it a quick swirl to make sure the brew is well mixed. Enjoy!